Who we are

We help clients increase their competitiveness & profitability

In 1989 Andrew Pollard set up a small consultancy firm with a different focus. Wanting to avoid the stereotypes of consultants, he drew together a dedicated team that worked to increase the competitiveness, and ultimately the profitability, of their clients.

Andrew knew that there was a need for a greater understanding by companies of their competitive environment. That having good products or services was not enough, but accurately understanding the company’s relative position within its competitive environment was vital.

In time the team grew in size and experience, working with firms in many industries and also helping privatised companies and parts of government. EMP has retained the client focused approach to its work it established when it was founded. Producing research for research’s sake is not how EMP works. What motivates EMP, what makes it tick, is working alongside its clients so that they have what they need to be more competitive and more profitable. Take a look around to see in more detail what EMP do.

Andrew’s experience can be quickly summarised to:

  • Over 10 years as a consultant providing intelligence, analysis and strategy services to large private & public sector organisations in over 30 industries
  • Over five years helping universities (eg OU) to raise their competitiveness: intelligence & analysis and strategy formulation, particularly in the part time marketplace
  • Over 15 years as an academic at the OU producing successful part time HE courses in management, economics & research methods using multi-media teaching methods