Strategy Development Services

for Universities & Colleges

Services we provide for clients

The ultimate benefit of all strategies is to improve the financial performance of the client HE provider by increasing its competitiveness. Full time & part time markets - undergraduate & postgraduate. We do this by developing a number of competitive strategies. HE providers such as universities need competitive strategies which will maintain and increase their competitiveness, measured by FTEs, market shares and financial criteria. We highlight areas of opportunity as well as weak areas which need to be strengthened and defended. Situations are identified where new courses need to be developed.

From competitive analysis we develop for clients a coherent set of strategic options aiming to hold, recover or improve their competitive position. We make recommendations about where promotion should be targetted to take advantage of opportunities, or where it needs to be focused to defend the HE organisation against competitive threats. For clients we have:

  • Created strategic action plans for increasing income in UK undergraduate & postgraduate markets
  • Produced strategies to gain & retain competitiveness in the market
  • Made recommendations for organisational change that improved management decision making

Our understanding of the HE competitive environment comes from university course production and consultancy experience over a combined period of nearly 20 years.

Find out more about how EMP has helped universities in 3 key areas:

What our clients say about us

“EMP’s strategy recommendations got us focusing on competitors most of us had ignored”
Marketing Manager, UK university
“Before EMP’s report new courses were decided without considering competitors.”
Academic, UK University