Services for Universities & Colleges

Improving financial performance with strategies which increase competitiveness

Managing in an increasingly competitive higher education environment

Find out more about how EMP has helped universities in 3 key areas:

To increase the competitiveness and profitability of universities, colleges & private higher education companies we provide a range of services:

  • Competitive intelligence collection, analysis & insight on HE markets & competitors
  • Competitive insight generation

  • Developing effective competitive strategies
  • Improving HE providers with key skills in competitive intelligence & analysis

Intelligence, Analysis & Insight for Universities & Colleges

Competitive intelligence & analysis services on HE markets, key competitors, customers & local area population trends Learn more >

Strategy Development Services for Universities & Colleges

Helping HE providers to develop effective competitive strategies, which maintain current strengths, resist competitive threats & enable successful new market entry
Learn more >

In-House Training in Competitive Analysis for Universities & Colleges

Services which give HE providers key skills in competitive intelligence & analysis and which change the culture of the organisation Learn more >