In-House Training Services

for Private Sector Companies

Services we provide for clients

We help clients to set up a dedicated unit within the organisation for competitive intelligence, analysis and strategy (CIAS). Working with private & public sector organisations we nurture and develop their internal capabilities to identify and respond successfully to competitive opportunities and threats.

Our experience of setting up internal processes allows us to “fast-track” a organisation’s development, avoiding the usual growing pains.

We focus on:

  • changing the mindset of key staff towards CIAS
  • convincing staff of the need to maintain competitiveness
  • developing their research and analysis skillset
  • getting buy-in and building teamwork.

Our advice and training is based on the experience of running nearly 100 in-house workshops in 10 countries and over 200 public seminars on CIAS to over 6,000 managers.

We provide clients with one-to-one mentoring and workshops, tailor-made to
their situation and objectives. We:

  • develop their analytical skills
  • build new analytical models suited to their markets and competitive environment
  • improve the “bridge” between research and analysis and strategy
  • communicate competitive research and strategies in effective ways

What our clients say about us

“Very useful ideas for getting internal customer and senior management buy-in”
Marketing Manager, UK Utility
“Not just theory – practical, useful and implementable”
Senior Business Analyst, Food & Drink company