Strategy Development Services

for Private Sector Companies

Services we provide for clients

Following an in-depth analysis of a client’s competitive environment, we devise appropriate strategies which secure and enhance greater competitiveness. We develop strategies that enable clients to resist threats from competitors and to seize competitive opportunities.

Helping clients to develop action plans to:

  • Defend core ‘must hold’ product and market segments from competitor threats and attacks
  • Exploit main growth opportunities and competitor weaknesses
  • Develop new competitive products
  • Successfully enter new market segments

We develop strategies to gain and retain competitiveness. Action plans are also produced for clients that help them implement corporate strategies and gain buy-in from vital areas in the organisation.

Over the last 20 years EMP has gained substantial experience providing strategy development services for private & public organisations in over 30 industries in a number of countries.

What our clients say about us

“More successful than we could have hoped”
Group Competitive Analyst, European Chemicals company
“Convinced us that focussing on customers is not enough. Factoring in
competitors is also important”
CEO, UK manufacturing company