Intelligence, Analysis & Competitive Insight Services

for Private Sector Companies

Gaining competitive insights to achieve business success

Services we provide for clients

For over 20 years we have collected and analysed competitive intelligence for private and public sector organisations. Our clients have received crucial insights about their competitors, markets and customers that have enabled them to increase their competitive advantage.

Our research is sharply focussed and orientated to answering the most important strategic questions in order to achieve greater business success. Our aim is to give you the clearest understanding of your competitive environment, threats as well as opportunities.

The intelligence and insight is delivered to decision makers in the most appropriate ways. From one-page dashboards for senior managers to comprehensive reports which are essential for detailed competitive planning and management.

In more detail we identify and analyse:

  • Key competitors: products, services, strategies, organisational structure & performance
  • Relative strengths and weaknesses against key competitors
  • Size of the threats they face from existing and potential competitors
  • Competitiveness of their main products and business units
  • Market & competitor opportunities and threats
  • Win-loss analysis – where they are gaining and losing customers
  • Local area demographic “hot spots” and “cold spots”

EMP’s experience comes from 20 years providing research and analysis services for private & public organisations in over 30 industries. Clients have come from industries such as Aerospace, Finance, Pharmaceuticals and Utilities. We have helped companies in the number of countries, including UK, USA, Switzerland, South Africa and the Middle East.

What our clients say about us

“Didn’t know very much about our main competitor – now we’ve got a real handle on them”
General Manager, Major UK service organisation
“EMP saved us a lot of money and management time, as we were worrying about competitors we didn’t need to worry about while ignoring more dangerous threats”
Managing Director, UK engineering company